Hi, I'm Scott. I'm a passionate Electronics Design Engineer, based in Melbourne, Australia.


I'm the sole proprietor and operator of Xentronics - this is my business, and I'm responsible for all the work done.

I started Xentronics to offer businesses around Australia:

  • An experienced consultant to provide advice on product development.

  • A reliable designer to contribute to their projects, and develop electronic systems.

  • Value-added design resources by offering prototyping, design verification, and field support services.

  • A knowledgable engineer in the field of EMC and Manufacturing, to properly scale their products to market. 

That's no easy task.

As you can tell from the range of services I provide below, even designing a simple product can be a lengthy and complex process.

However, with my versatile skillset, agile methodology, and past experience in the electronics design industry, I'm hoping to help as many people as I can to ensure their product is a success.

I've worked with a huge variety of startups, scaleups, and established businesses over the last 2 years. 
By putting my values of Ambition, Skill, Communication, Attentiveness, and Quality into everything I do, I have brought dozens of products to market and have established a strong portfolio and several case studies on the services I provide.

Thanks for your time, and please reach out if you would like to chat.


It's easy to say what a device should do or how it should function.
What's not easy is specifying what exact technologies and systems
are required to achieve this. That's where I come in - and help you work out exactly what you really need.

System Architecture

Schematics define what chips, connectors, and components go into a device and how they're all interconnected. A key part of early design stages, I strive to create readable and simple schematics, which aim to conform with IEEE 315-1975.


The heart of any electronic product. The quality of a PCB design influences the cost, performance, and size of a device. I always place emphasis on designing for EMC, efficient manufacturing, and minimum size - and use the IPC 2221 standard as my guide.


Once designs are done, then comes the time for prototyping. I offer a rapid prototyping service, with 2-3 week turnaround on a completed and assembled unit. Comparing this to a typical 6-8 week lead time, when done through a traditional contract manufacturer, it means prototypes in your hand faster.


Testing the quality and reliability of a prototype is a critical step in development. With over $30,000 worth of essential PCBA Analysis, RF, Power, and digital test equipment in my office, I have the ability to safely and promptly make sure designs are performing as intended, and enable you and your team to do internal testing. 

Design Verification

Achieving compliance for electronic products - whether it be safety, EMC, or industry-specific standards - can be the most difficult hurdle to overcome during development. My experience, design knowledge, and value-added partnership with EMC Technologies in Melbourne can make this process much more streamlined.


A working prototype is one thing - a manufacturable, optimised, and quickly-tested device is another. I can support you through the manufacturing process, helping to design test procedures, consolidate bills of material, and communicate key information to manufacturers to improve your yield and bring down the associated COGS.


Already have an existing design, but need a second opinion? I can provide a thorough review and feedback on not only functionality, but also the EMC performance and manufacturability of your design, to improve the quality and bring down cost moving forward.

Design Reviews

Need a one-off consult for some advice? Maybe a long term arrangement to support your business into the future?

Perhaps some one-on-one training?Looking for an Electronics Design Engineer to contribute to your magazine, online articles, or podcast? Just reach out and ask.

And More...



By being across a broad sector of design disciplines, and having experience in a variety of industries, I can design to any need. 
In the past, I've produced designs for clients in the medical, consumer, IT, industrial, wearable, and even defense sectors.


The electronic design fields I have particular experience in includes:

  1. Human-Machine Interfaces: OLED/LCD/E Ink screens, buttons/switches, touchpads

  2. LED Lighting Control: CC/CV/DMX-512 controlled systems

  3. LV, MV, and HV Power Supplies: Sourced from mains outlets, battery, solar, industrial rail, or PoE

  4. Battery Management: Charging, discharging, and protection of Li-Ion, Li-Po, NiCd, NiMH, and Lead Acid cells

  5. IoT Devices: Wi-Fi, LoRa, Bluetooth, and Cellular with either local streaming, custom querying, or MQTT uplinks

  6. Sensor Integration & Data Logging: Designing necessary circuitry and DAQ networks to retrieve data from sensors

  7. Analogue & Digital Signal Processing: Implementing amplifiers, filters, and algorithms in hardware, firmware, and software

  8. Wired Communication: USB, Ethernet, RS-232/485 transceiver implementation for reliable device-to-device communication

  9. RF Integration: Designing PCB antennas, existing antenna selection and tuning, and harmonic filter and balun design

  10. Designing for EMC Compliance: Often overlooked, EMC is always my Number 1 priority in designs, over all else.

  11. Designing for Manufacturing: Optimal panelisation, keeping BOM items consolidated, IPC recommended footprints, etc.

  12. Designing for Test: Implementing self-testing devices as well as designing for bed-of-nails devices and test jigs

Shown below are some of the designs I have created for clients, who have kindly let me display the assembled PCB here. 

More coming soon!

The above projects are from 2019, when I first started my business.

22 PCBs I designed from 2020 are yet to be added, and will be here in due course.





For any inquiries, feel free to email, phone, or use the form here to get in touch with me.

I used to have an office, but COVID happened...
Now, I work from home.

As such, I can't offer a meeting at my office.

But I'm always keen to meet for a coffee or at a co-working space.

Contact ME

Location: Richmond, Victoria

Email: info@xentronics.com.au

Phone: +61 407 737 831

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