Hi, I'm Scott. I'm a passionate Freelance Electronics Engineer, based in Melbourne, Australia. I'm the sole proprietor and operator of Xentronics - this is my business, and I'm responsible for all the work done.

I started Xentronics to provide startups, scaleups, and established businesses with a flexible electronics design resource - whether it be for entire projects, as a long-term subcontractor, or even as a one-off consulting basis.


As more and more businesses delve into the electronics scene - with the explosion of IoT, Industry 4.0, and Smart Devices across all sectors - I realised an increasing number of people need help with designing and integrating advanced electronics into their products. 

That's no easy task - and as you can tell from the range of services I provide below, even designing a simple product can be a lengthy and complex task. However, with my broad skillset, minimal overheads, and past experience in the electronics design scene, I'm hoping to help you and your company ensure your project is a success.

My office is based within a co-working space in Richmond, 1km out of Melbourne's CBD. If you're a local client, feel free to come in and have a chat at anytime. If you're international, don't worry - most of my clients I've helped have been overseas, and that's nothing a video call can't fix.

Thanks for your time!


It's easy to say what a device should do or how it should function.
What's not easy is specifying what exact technologies and systems
are required to achieve this. That's where I come in - and help you work out exactly what you really need.

System Architecture

Schematics define what chips, connectors, and components go into a device and how they're all interconnected. A key part of early design stages, I strive to create readable and simple schematics, which aim to conform with IEEE 315-1975.


The heart of any electronic product. The quality of a PCB design influences the cost, performance, and size of a device. I always place emphasis on designing for EMC, efficient manufacturing, and minimum size - and use the IPC 2221 standard as my guide.


Once designs are done, then comes the time for prototyping. For small quantities, most assembly houses charge phenomenal amounts per unit - instead, I do it in-house with my range of soldering equipment and ESD safe environment to keep your development costs low.


All devices that need to monitor, control, and communicate need firmware code to define and achieve this. With vast experience in NXP, Nordic, Espressif, STM, and Microchip series of microcontrollers, and existing code libraries to leverage off, I have you covered.


Testing the quality and reliability of a prototype is a critical step in development. With a 200MHz oscilloscope, 3.2GHz spectrum analyser, 300W power supply, and a 400W DC load (and plenty more), I have the ability to safely make sure designs are performing as designed. 


Establishing the basis of your IoT backend, building a basic PC program, or developing a barebones phone app to interface to your device is well within my skillset - and proven by past projects. By handling the early-stage software needs, your device's performance can be proven



Achieving compliance for electronic products - whether it be safety, EMC, or medical - can be the most difficult hurdle to overcome during development. With my experience and knowledge of typical standards and certifications, I can support you and adjust designs accordingly in order to meet required standards.


A working prototype is one thing - a manufacturable, optimised, and the high-quality device is another. I can support you through the manufacturing process, help to design testing procedures, and consolidate bills of material to improve your yield and bring down the associated COGS.




By being across a broad sector of design disciplines, and having experience in a variety of industries, I can design to any need. 
In the past, I've produced designs for clients in the medical, consumer, IT, industrial, wearable, and even defense sectors.


The electronic design fields I have particular experience in includes:

  1. Human-Machine Interfaces: OLED/LCD/E Ink screens, buttons/switches, touchpads

  2. LED Lighting Control: CC/CV/DMX-512 controlled systems

  3. LV, MV, and HV Power Supplies: Sourced from mains outlets, battery, solar, industrial rail, or PoE

  4. Battery Management: Charging, discharging, and protection of Li-Ion, Li-Po, NiCd, NiMH, and Lead Acid cells

  5. IoT Devices: Wi-Fi, LoRa, Bluetooth, and Cellular with either local streaming, custom querying, or MQTT uplinks

  6. Sensor Integration & Data Logging: Designing necessary circuitry and DAQ networks to retrieve data from sensors

  7. Analogue & Digital Signal Processing: Implementing amplifiers, filters, and algorithms in hardware, firmware, and software

  8. Wired Communication: USB, Ethernet, RS-232/485 transceiver implementation for reliable device-to-device communication

  9. RF Integration: Designing PCB antennas, existing antenna selection and tuning, and harmonic filter and balun design

  10. Designing for EMC Compliance: Certified through Keith Armstrong's renowned training course on EMC design techniques

  11. Designing for Manufacturing: Optimal panelisation, keeping BOM items consolidated, and IPC recommended footprints

  12. Designing for Test: Implementing self-testing devices as well as designing for bed-of-nails testing

Shown below are some of the designs I have created for clients, who have kindly let me display the assembled PCB here. 




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